Pastel in the Park 5.0 June 2018 / by Amarett Jans

Pastel in the Park has been going on for the past 5 years now here in Portland! Pastel in the Park is still the most pastelly photo shoot social around. It’s an inclusive shoot that invites everyone to SHINE and be themselves. It blends the lines between what is considered girly and quaint and sassy and full of attitude. People who identify as men are invited to explore their feminine side and everyone ends up feeling like a model.

The location of this years PP was at the 13th Annual Playground in the Park under the St.John’s Bridge. It was SO hot that day! Perfect for light pastels.

I’m still looking for the right partner(s) to make it MORE than what I can do on my own. This event can be bigger. It can have impact. This outdoor social can conduct awareness and possibly generate funds for a charity. This event would be perfect marketing event for the right, ethical, socially-conscious brand. Do you have a brand or charity that could use some social awareness? Pass this along or send a note if this might be you!