Pastel in the Park 4.0 / by Amarett Jans

It turned out so sunny and warm for Pastel in the Park 4.0 with Heartbeat Silent Disco in the Laurelhurst Park last Sunday! Thank you to all the shiny sweet faces who came out and played. This was the fourth year of Pastel in the Park and it keeps getting better and better. TAP PHOTOS TO VIEW. Please apply photo credit: if you download/repost! 

There are many goals for Pastel in the Park: 1. Bring community together in a light, fun, social, inclusive, welcoming way 2. Eventually benefit a local charity 3. Eventually become sponsored by a like-minded brand or company so it can grow! 4. Eventually spread to other cities! If anyone has a company for sponsorship or a local charity in mind, please email your suggestion via the contact page. #pastelinthepark