Collab: Phase 1/3 done! / by Amarett Jans

Today I hand the collab piece off to April. It was a creative experience doing the first part of the painting. From the beginning, I was thinking about April and Christine. I didn't want to block their space, or put so much on the canvas that they felt inhibited. I thought, am I giving them enough? What tone am I setting? This was the cool effect of collaboration. You have to think down the line. I have no idea what how their art will affect what I did, but that really is the exciting part.

Because the charity I chose is Helping Hands, I wanted hands helping hands out of a bad situation. A black sink hole and drips represent the bad situation. The hands and arms are made of rope, that form a knot that indicates the rope is used for climbing, up, in this case. The soft trippy 'walls' hopefully alter your perception a little bit. I wanted it to look like a snapshot from inside a room, but not necessary the canvas' 3D room, but a portion of an unidentifiable room, and we don't see the whole thing. The pastel sky is light and has movement.

I really look forward to April adds her magic and message.

Stay tuned!