Collabrative art piece to benefit 3 different charities / by Amarett Jans

Three artists are going to work on the same piece. This sounds like the Ego's nightmare, but since the goal is to bring awareness to 3 charities, that focus has purpose beyond just making art that looks good. This creative outlet is meant to actively practice collaboration and community. The artists are April Donovan Partner/Creative Director for Blue Collar Agency (Hood River, Or.) Along with Christine Fisher Partner/Creative Director of Blue Marble Creative (White Salmon, Wa.) and myself.

Each artist selected a charity that they were passionate about. April's love for the outdoors led her to choose the restoration project for Mt. Hood's Tilly-Jane cabin. Christine's passion for all things fish, local and water quality, chose Columbia Riverkeeper. I chose Helping Hands Against Domestic Violence because I'm aware of the help they have given to ones in the community, and I would like to support this kind of work and outreach.

The piece will start with myself, and I'll have it for one week. Beginning today. I'll then be passing the piece onto April, and after a week or so she will pass it onto Christine.

When completed, the piece will show at various locations in the Hood River area with a ongoing auction sheet posted next to it. It will be on show for a couple weeks, the winner on the auction sheet will take home the piece. And the proceeds will go to each of the 3 charities.

Let's do this!